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Asia-Pacific needs disaster warning systems to counter rising climate change risks, report says

A United Nations report says the Asia-Pacific region needs to drastically increase its investments in disaster warning systems and other tools to counter rising risks from climate change.
plastic waste toxics pollution flooding
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Plastic waste puts millions of world’s poorest at higher risk from floods

More than 200 million face more intense and frequent floods due to plastic pollution blocking drainage systems, report finds.

vietnam heat record climate impacts
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Vietnam records highest ever temperature of 44.1C

Vietnam has reported a record-high temperature of 44.1C (111.38F), as weather experts and authorities told the population to remain indoors during the hottest parts of the day.

sustainability & climate considerations Ramadan
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Muslims around the world consider climate during Ramadan

“Green Ramadan” initiatives in Indonesia and around the world promote an array of changes during the Muslim holy month, which has fasting and, in many cases, feasting elements as people gather around food to break their fasts.

flash droughts suck soil, plants dry
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As Earth warms, more 'flash droughts' suck soil, plants dry

Climate change is making droughts faster and more furious, especially a specific fast-developing heat-driven kind that catch farmers by surprise, a new study found.

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Cost of India quitting coal is $900 billion, think tank says

If India stopped burning coal tomorrow, over five million people would lose their jobs. But for a price tag of around $900 billion over the next 30 years, the country can make sure nobody is left behind in the huge move to clean energy to curb human-caused climate change.

samoa climate water

Samoa PM urges world to save Pacific people from climate crisis obliteration

The world must step back from the brink of climate disaster to save the people of the Pacific from obliteration, the prime minister of Samoa has urged.