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Hollywood’s quest to cut carbon emissions
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Google's emissions soar due to AI energy demands
Shell pauses Rotterdam biodiesel plant construction
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A California town was leveled by a wildfire. Three years on, it feels the world has forgotten

The plight of Berry Creek offers a glimpse of what’s in store in the era of climate crisis – regions hit again and again by increasingly severe disasters that disproportionately affect those with the least, a government unprepared to support them as repeated catastrophes stretch resources, and communities left behind.

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Here's what limits Biden on heat waves

Extreme heat is not considered a disaster under federal law. The administration can mostly provide expertise, guidance and grants.
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African concerns mount as West pours aid into Ukraine

African countries are casting a worried eye as the West pumps aid into Ukraine, sensing a retreat in pledges to help their development and fight climate change.
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Donors offer over $9B for Pakistan after devastating floods

Dozens of countries and international institutions on Monday pledged more than $9 billion to help Pakistan recover and rebuild from devastating summer floods, with the sum set to balloon further at a U.N.-backed conference to help the country through what the U.N. chief called “a climate disaster of monumental scale.”