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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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wildfire smoke long-term damage

Long-term health impacts of early smoke exposure explored through primate study

A primate research center in California provides insights into the lifelong health consequences of early exposure to wildfire smoke.

Jesse Nichols reports for Grist.

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Kari Nadeau: Climate change is driving an epidemic of immune health problems

Every $1 spent on mitigating climate change would save at least $3 in health care costs, largely through a reduction of diseases such as asthma and allergies.
Industrial plant emissions linked to health hazards, study reveals

Industrial plant emissions linked to health hazards, study reveals

A recent study highlights the severe health and economic impacts of flaring and venting at industrial plants, including premature deaths and exacerbated asthma cases.

Victoria St. Martin reports for Inside Climate News.

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EV transition reduces childhood asthma
Credit: skhunda/BigStock Photos ID: 83998772

The switch to electric vehicles is a breath of fresh air for children near highways

A new study highlights the potential for electric vehicles (EVs) to significantly reduce childhood asthma attacks and other health issues caused by exhaust exposure, particularly in low-income, urban areas.

Katie Myers reports for Grist.

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SCOTUS cross-state air pollution
Credit: vladek/BigStock Photo ID: 348379582

Supreme Court leans towards limiting air pollution regulations

The Supreme Court's conservative majority is likely to restrict the Biden administration's environmental efforts, specifically the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's plan to reduce cross-state air pollution, impacting public health and environmental policies.

Adam Liptak reports for The New York Times.

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COVID-19 lockdowns air quality
Credit: kaysgeog/Flickr

Lockdowns lead to a significant drop in asthma emergencies due to cleaner air

A study from Oxford reveals a notable decrease in asthma-related hospital admissions in 2020, linking it to the reduction of air pollution amid COVID-19 lockdowns.

Gary Fuller reports for The Guardian.

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gas cooking vs induction

Are gas stoves dangerous? We tested against induction cooktops to find out.

The click of a gas stove igniting is the sound of dinner in millions of U.S. homes. But how safe are they? We tested them against induction cooktops to find out.