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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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professional sports & climate change
Credit: Erik Drost/Flickr

For professional sports, climate change could create a whole new ball game

Research shows cold weather affects sports equipment, as well as athletic performance. If extreme cold weather becomes more common, how will it affect the future of professional sports?
Atmospheric rivers catastrophic flooding

A river runs above us

Atmospheric rivers can cause catastrophic flooding and landslides but are crucial for water supply. In an era of increasing weather whiplash between flood and drought, can we learn to embrace the rains?
California’s epic ‘super bloom 2023
Bureau of Land Manageme/Flickr/Public Domain

Why California’s ‘super bloom’ is so epic this year

California’s impressive wildflower bloom comes after massive amounts of precipitation drenched much of the state in recent months.
flooded field farming climate drought
Image by Trần Văn Nhã from Pixabay

These farmers recharged groundwater by catching atmospheric rivers

After years of drought and dozens of recent atmospheric rivers, Central California farmers have revived an old practice: intentionally flooding fields for deep irrigation and restoration of underground aquifers.
Record California snowpack flood threat
Photo by Ross Stone on Unsplash

California snowpack may hold record amount of water, with significant flooding possible

Recently wracked by drought, California is now bracing for the possibility that even more water will deluge communities already overwhelmed by floods.

Tulare Lake California flooding
Roger Bales/Flickr/Public domain

Tulare Lake returned in the Central Valley after California storms

A barrage of storms has resurrected what was once the largest body of fresh water west of the Mississippi River, setting the stage for a disaster this spring.
California’s snowpack soars to record high
Oregon State University/Flickr/Commercial use & mods allowed

California’s snowpack soars to record high after 17 atmospheric rivers

This week's storm has pushed California's average snowpack past the previous record mark set in 1983.