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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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The everyday Americans tackling climate change

Americans across the United States are grappling with unprecedented extreme weather events. And if you travel across the country, you'll meet all manner of people, from winemakers to aviation experts, who are rolling up their sleeves and getting to work to find sustainable solutions.
American Airlines demonstrated contrail-reducing technology
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American Airlines demonstrated contrail-reducing technology

Airliners can leave behind contrails—condensation trails—of ice crystals that form artificial clouds around particles in the planes’ exhaust. These clouds trap heat in the Earth’s atmosphere, and if we could reduce them, scientists believe that it could slow global warming.

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Alyssa Norris: How do we know how much pollution the aviation industry is producing?

The aviation industry has, for many years, grappled with its role in environmental degradation. It’s estimated that aviation accounts for nearly 3% of global carbon dioxide emissions.

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Dutch court nixes plan to reduce flights at Schiphol Airport

A judge ruled Wednesday that the Dutch government cannot order Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, one of Europe’s busiest aviation hubs, to reduce the number of flights from 500,000 per year to 460,000, dealing a blow to efforts to cut emissions and noise pollution.

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Ray LaHood: Lack of federal support stalling high-speed rail projects

Between 1949 and 2017, the federal government invested only $10 billion in high-speed rail with $4 billion of that dedicated to the California project, compared to investments of $777 billion in aviation and over $2 trillion in highways. The federal government can’t expect transformative results with piecemeal funding. We must go big.

EU chiefs use private jets
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EU chiefs flew to UN climate talks in private jet

European Council President Charles Michel hopped on a private jet for 72 of 112 official trips.