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Photo by Andreas Kind on Unsplash

Bark beetles are eating through Germany's Harz forest. Climate change is making matters worse

Tiny bark beetles have been causing havoc in Germany's Harz mountains, eating away at trees and killing off swaths of the spruce population by hampering their ability to take in nutrients.
rio grande national forest dieback

Drought, plague and fire: What one Colorado forest is up against

The high alpine forests of the Rio Grande National Forest are a sickbed. Swathes of gray trees are bald on one side, with patches of russet needles fading into scraggly branches.

climate change threatens forests

Even without human-driven deforestation, climate change threatens some forests

In a study published in Science, researchers analyzed a set of climate and ecosystem models to predict the risks that climate change poses to forests.

megadrought &  wildfires in southwest

Destructive wildfires rage in New Mexico, Colorado

Firefighters scouted the drought-stricken mountainsides around a New Mexico village as they looked for opportunities to slow a wind-driven wildfire that a day earlier had burned at least 150 homes and other structures while displacing thousands of residents and forcing the evacuation of two schools.
New Mexico wildfire risk
Jim Germond

Experts predict bad year for New Mexico wildfires

So far this year, there have been 80 wildfires that have burned over 2,000 acres, a concerning early start to the season.
German forest decline

German forest decline hits record levels

Bark beetles are the main driver of spruce tree deaths in the country. But this was exacerbated by a dry summer.
overheated forests could release carbon

Many overheated forests may soon release more carbon than they absorb

New research suggests that, sooner than expected, trees may become carbon sources rather than carbon sinks, as a feedback loop of rising temperatures drives them to release more greenhouse gases.