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Climate change is coming for bats. It’s only getting worse

Not only do bats pollinate our crops, prey on pests like mosquitos, and spread seeds that help damaged ecosystems recover, but they also possess a superpower that’s unique among mammals: flight.

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Study: Climate change will wipe out 81 of 154 bat species

More than half of North America’s bat species are likely to diminish significantly as climate change, disease and habitat loss take their toll, scientists warned Monday.

Melbourne’s bats cooled by mist system
Photo by René Riegal on Unsplash

As temperatures rise, Melbourne’s bats get their own sprinkler system

On the hottest days, a refreshing mist will cool down flying foxes, which have suffered mass death in Australian heat waves.
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Wanted: Dead birds and bats, felled by renewables

Collecting, studying, and storing the carcasses from wind and solar facilities, scientists say, can unlock new insights.
Deforestation brings bat-borne virus home to roost

Deforestation brings bat-borne virus home to roost

Habitat loss and food shortages have pushed bats into closer proximity to horses and humans, fueling Hendra virus spillover, a new study suggests.
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Global heating, human development could drive future waves of disease in east Asia

Global heating is leading dozens of bat species to migrate to southern China and southeast Asian countries, amid growing concerns that the climate crisis could fuel more zoonotic disease and further deadly pandemics.