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emerging battery technology
Credit: Fahroni/BigStock Photo ID: 411790432

New battery material that uses less lithium found in AI-powered search

While the dime-size prototype is not ready for prime time, the feat demonstrates the potential of new technologies to revolutionize materials science.
lithium battery alternatives

Batteries of the future: How cotton and seawater might power our devices

Mining the lithium and other minerals we need for batteries is taking an increasing toll on the environment. There are alternative materials all around us though.
biomining toxic tailings remediation

The future of mining might be smaller than you think

As the world’s demand for metals continues to rise, some are using microorganisms to mine and “clean” waste.

solid-state batteries

What you need to know about solid-state batteries

Big companies and car manufacturers like Samsung and Toyota are betting big on solid-state batteries. Here's how they work and why we need them.
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climate law remakes energy sector

6 issues to watch as climate law remakes the energy sector

The Inflation Reduction Act has sparked a boom in U.S. clean-energy investments and manufacturing.
us china green economy

Robinson Meyer: America can’t build a green economy without China

With few exceptions, you either let yourself learn from your competitors, or you fail to compete with them at all.
Toyota solid-state battery breakthrough

Toyota claims battery breakthrough in potential boost for electric cars

The Japanese firm believes it could make a solid-state battery with a range of 745 miles that charges in 10 minutes, reports Rob Davies for The Guardian.

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