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PA seeks federal money for hydrogen fuel production
Rutger van der Maar/Flickr/Commercial use & mods allowed

PA seeks federal money for hydrogen fuel production

Pennsylvania, enlisting the help of Ohio and West Virginia, has applied to be among the six to 10 “clean” hydrogen energy hubs the federal government will help build around the country as part of a $8 billion initiative under the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Dominion seeks permit for new coal ash landfill in Virginia
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Dominion seeks permit for new coal ash landfill in Virginia

Dominion Energy is moving forward with plans to build a new coal ash landfill near the Potomac River in Northern Virginia, entering the last chapter of a long debate over how to safely dispose of the lingering contaminant.

Fracking Pennsylvania public lands
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Fracking yields both fears, funding for Pennsylvania public lands

In 2008, former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell opened 2.2 million acres of state forests to the new, profitable — and controversial — use of hydraulic fracturing to access natural gas
proposed Susquehanna plastics recycling plant
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Plastics recycling plant proposed for Susquehanna shoreline

Is a $1.1 billion plastics recycling plant proposed for Pennsylvania an innovative way to re-use plastics and keep them out of landfills, incinerators and waterways? Or will it help cement society’s reliance on plastics and create pollution concerns for the Susquehanna River?

Hydroelectric project on Susquehanna River
Photo by Foto Phanatic on Unsplash

Hydro project on Susquehanna River draws controversy

A proposal to support renewable energy would flood 580 acres.

Septic tank permitting in Maryland
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Septic tank permitting in Maryland faces backlogs, staff shortages

Lengthy delays. Staffing shortages. Byzantine regulations.
More money for Chesapeake cleanup
Chesapeake Bay Program/Flickr

More money for Chesapeake cleanup likely from Virginia General Assembly

The final curtain hasn’t fallen yet on Virginia’s 2023 General Assembly, but environmental advocates are celebrating likely increases in funding for cleaning up local waters and the Chesapeake Bay.