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Photo by Nico Smit on Unsplash

How warming ruined a crab fishery and hurt an Alaskan town

As the world warms, extended spikes in ocean temperatures are triggering the collapse of key marine populations. In the Aleut community of St. Paul, Alaska, the loss of the snow crab fishery is having a profound economic impact and raising questions about the small city’s future.
microplastics found in Bering Strait-area spotted seals

Student project tracking microplastics found in Bering Strait-area spotted seals

Tiny plastic bits found in the stomachs of spotted seals harvested by village hunters show how microplastics have spread in the ocean.

warming waters alaska seafood

Warming waters are driving Bering Sea crashes, but Alaska's fishing industry is quiet on climate

Advocates say seafood businesses, trade groups and fishermen need to encourage lower carbon emissions or risk more catastrophic declines.
snow crab fishery collapse bering Sea warming

Alaska crab fishery collapse seen as warning about Bering Sea transformation

Loss of snow crab and Bristol Bay red king crab harvests pose immediate economic hardships and signal long-term problems in the Bering Sea.
alaska snow crab decline climate

Scientists point to climate change as likely cause for Alaska snow crab decline

Even as scientists are still trying to figure out why the Bering Sea snow crab stock crashed in 2021, federal managers are working on a plan to help rebuild it.

snow crabs bering sea climate

Snow crabs in the Bering Sea have been hard to find — partially due to climate change

Ayesha Rascoe asks Seattle Times reporter Hal Bernton about the drop in the population of Bering Sea snow crabs, and why scientists think climate change may be an important driver.
As halibut decline, Alaska Native fishers square off against industrial fleets

As halibut decline, Alaska Native fishers square off against industrial fleets

The tiny fishing fleet from St. Paul is losing the fight for halibut, up against factory ships that throw away more of the valuable fish than the Indigenous fishers are allowed to catch.