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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Big Oil bankrolling Trump
Heat waves threaten power grid stability with potential blackouts
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Clean air: Professor outlines ways to get people active and reduce pollution

Better community engagement can encourage more people to use modes of “active transport” – such as walking and cycling – and reduce air pollution in high risk areas, a University of Manchester expert has argued.
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The life-changing, solar-charged power of 'regenerative travel'

Claire and Will Stedden embarked on a transformative year-long bicycle trip after realizing the environmental impact of air travel on their planned honeymoon. The couple's journey led them to create Solarpunk Travel, an online community promoting ecologically friendly bicycle travel, supporting local communities, and embracing a sustainable lifestyle.

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Meet the Biden official overseeing $7.5B for EVs

Gabe Klein is a key figure in the Biden administration’s plans to build out infrastructure for America’s future electric cars, buses and trucks. But his biggest accomplishment may involve bicycles.

When public transit stumbles, bikesharing can step up

When public transit stumbles, bikesharing can step up

When transit systems stumble, municipal bikesharing services can keep commuters moving — if cities know how to plan properly.
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Electric bikes are helping reduce Kenya's carbon emissions

In 2019 alone, air pollution caused around 5,000 premature deaths in Kenya, and investing in e-motorcycles has become a solution to saving lives.

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World could save 700 mn tonnes of CO2 if people cycled more, study shows

The world would save nearly 700 million tonnes of carbon pollution each year -- more than Canada's annual emissions -- if every person adopted the Dutch way of life and cycled on a daily basis, new research shows.

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Cycling growth in UK at risk of being left behind by Europe, experts warn

The UK risks being left behind Europe on cycling growth, experts have warned, as cycle sales are down by a quarter on pre-pandemic levels and electric bike sales are plateauing following a boom in 2020.