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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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biodiversity resilience
Credit: Don Henderson/Flickr

Protecting species from extinction is not enough

The loss of species abundance poses a serious threat to biodiversity and ecosystem functionality.

John Reid reports for The Atlantic.

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diminishing natural soundscapes biodiversity loss
Credit: VectorMine/BigStock Photo ID: 444259331

Silence of the natural world signals a biodiversity crisis

Studies reveal that natural soundscapes are diminishing due to loss of species and ecosystem degradation.

Phoebe Weston reports for The Guardian.

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Amazon rainforest tipping point approaches
Credit: CIFOR/Flickr

Amazon rainforest at risk of significant transformation by mid-century, study indicates

The critical balance between human activity and the Earth's natural climate regulators is beginning to tip — and not in a good way.

Andrew Jeong reports for The Washington Post.

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brazilian meatpacker jbs greenhouse driver
Credit: USAID Ethiopia/Flickr

Unlikely allies want to bar JBS, the Brazilian beef giant, from U.S. stock markets

Environmentalists and American meat producers alike are asking regulators to keep JBS, the world’s biggest meatpacker, off the New York Stock Exchange.
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Brazil Amazon & climate policy
Credit: Lula Oficial/Flickr

Optimism dries up in Amazon as Lula drifts from climate priorities

Brazil’s president inspired hope a year ago but approval of a new highway shows he remains a concrete-and-oil state builder.

extreme weather & California wildfire
Credit: CAL FIRE_Official/Flickr

Book Review: ‘The Last Fire Season,’ by Manjula Martin

In a new book, Manjula Martin explores her accommodation to life in Northern California in an era of increasingly extreme weather.
Reversing progress, Indonesia pulp & paper drives up deforestation rates again

Reversing progress, Indonesia pulp & paper drives up deforestation rates again

Reversing years of progress, deforestation caused by Indonesia’s pulp and paper industry is on the rise, increasing fivefold between 2017 and 2022, according to a new analysis.