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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Credit: Gene Spesard/Flickr

Court upholds Vermont Gas' purchase of methane from a New York landfill

Vermont Gas Systems can purchase methane from a massive upstate New York landfill to sell to its customers after the Vermont Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit seeking to block it.

dairy cows

California's dairy biogas market faces a critical juncture

In California, a contentious debate emerges over the state's dairy biogas market, as environmental concerns clash with industry incentives.

Derek Harrison reports for Inside Climate News.

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California dairy biogas
Credit: kqedquest/Flickr

A battle is underway over California’s lucrative dairy biogas market

The state is considering changes to a program that has incentivized dairy biogas. Neighbors are pushing for an end to the subsidies.
dairy CAFO methane emissions biogas

A Texas dairy ranks among the state’s biggest methane emitters. but don’t ask the EPA or the state about it

An analysis by Inside Climate News, building on work by Climate TRACE, shows that tracking cattle emissions, site by site, is doable. But government databases specifically exempt agricultural operations from their greenhouse gas accounting.

cow manure biogas Ponzi scheme

Man is sentenced in $9 million cow manure Ponzi scheme

Raymond Brewer defrauded investors by falsely telling them he was building machines that could convert cow manure into biogas, federal prosecutors said.
repurposing food waste

How South Korean food waste is turned into feed, fuel or fertilizer

When wasted food rots in landfills, it pollutes soil and water — and warms the planet. Here’s how one country keeps that from happening.
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Photo by Julia Koblitz on Unsplash

Brandon D. Shuler: Here’s how Florida can turn polluting methane into biogas energy

Converting Florida’s beleaguered wastewater infrastructure into methane-capturing, nutrient-reducing, water-recycling advanced wastewater treatment machines makes sense for Florida.