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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
green party setbacks eu elections
The White House introduces a unified standard for zero-energy buildings
climate change spreads malaria
Credit: U.S. Pacific Fleet/Flickr

Climate change escalates malaria risk for pregnant women in highlands

Rising temperatures are pushing malaria-carrying mosquitoes to higher altitudes, posing a lethal threat to pregnant women in previously unaffected regions.

Zoya Teirstein reports for Grist, Vox and The 19th

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links between fracking and asthma, lymphoma in children

A Pennsylvania study suggests links between fracking and asthma, lymphoma in children

Researchers in heavily drilled Pennsylvania are adding to a body of evidence suggesting links between the natural gas industry and certain health problems.
Extreme heat threatens birth outcomes
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Extreme heat threatens the health of unborn babies

Exposure to excessive heat during pregnancy has been linked to everything from preterm labor to low birth weight, and those risks are rising as the world warms.
Wisconsin town sued opposing factory farm pollution

A Wisconsin town tried to stop factory farm pollution. Then got sued.

A tiny town in Wisconsin faces a lawsuit from an industry heavyweight, a growing trend when citizens try to regulate CAFOs in their backyards.
particulate pollution fossil fuel combustion
Mark Dixon/Flickr

Tiny soot particles from fossil fuel combustion kill thousands annually. Activists now want Biden to impose tougher standards

The soot, known as PM 2.5, has been linked to cardiac arrest, asthma attacks and “premature deaths” from a range of cardiovascular and breathing disorders.

oilsands public health threat

Life and death near oilsands in Fort Chipewyan

A photographer spent years documenti communities downstream of Alberta’s oilsands. Then he was invited to join Warren Simpson, dying from a rare form of cancer he believed to be linked to the mines, for his last breaths