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bomb cyclone california flooding

California's big melt is set to revive a lost Tulare Lake

California's blockbuster wet season, with another powerful bomb cyclone currently swirling off the coast, has built up a near-record-large Sierra Nevada mountain snowpack.

california bomb cyclone climate

California extreme weather is the new normal

California's bout of extreme wet weather could become the new normal as climate change worsens, a researcher has warned.

extreme-weather guide

‘Polar vortex’ got you baffled? Try this extreme-weather guide

A handy explanation of some of the newer climatological verbiage.
atmospheric rivers & montecito mudslides

In Montecito, the million-dollar views still come with mudslide risks

Life in California often requires navigating the edges of natural beauty and natural disaster. On the fifth anniversary of a catastrophe, residents had to flee again.
Mass evacuations as storm pounds California

Mass evacuations in Montecito as storm pounds L.A. with intense rain, flooding

A powerful winter storm barreled into Southern California on Monday, forcing the mass evacuation of Montecito and other communities exactly five years after mudslides in the same area left 23 people dead.

California cyclone deluge & atmospheric river
J. Maughn/Flickr

Battered central coast of California prepares for another deluge

Hundreds of homes in the Santa Cruz region were damaged by flooding and wind. Weary residents are steeling themselves for even worse conditions this week.
extreme weather coastal erosion
Jeff Rowley/Flickr

Huge waves are demolishing California’s coastline

Massive swells are flooding coastal communities and demolishing coastal structures in Northern California, and making for good surfing further south.