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Azerbaijani government criticized for silencing media ahead of climate summit
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
FERC authorizes Mountain Valley Pipeline operations
Copper recycling increases as demand soars
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How a billionaire’s plot to escape climate change fuels ‘Yours for the Taking’

Gabrielle Korn’s dystopian novel explores so-called ‘empowerment’ in a deteriorating world. But, she stresses, it’s funny, too.
fragile earth climate consequences
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Our Fragile Earth: How close are we to climate catastrophe?

Lessons from past eras when Earth was a hothouse or a snowball tell us whether we are doomed by climate change or still have time to prevent that fate.

sadiq khan breath: tacking the climate emergency

Is Sadiq Khan really taking air pollution seriously?

London is killing us. That’s the conclusion of Sadiq Khan’s alarming new book, Breathe: Tackling the Climate Emergency, which he publicised last night at a 90-minute event held in the Royal Festival Hall.

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How to tackle climate change? A new book has answers

Climate change is no longer a mirage—something so far away that sceptics among us believe it was hallucinated into existence by the ‘woke’ crowd. Its impact is visible and tangible even for those living under a rock.

the great displacement

Book review: "The Great Displacement" is a must-read

This timely, important book argues that mass migration triggered by climate change will fundamentally rock U.S. society.

Jeff Speck: Urban planner revisits ‘Walkable City,’ 10 years later

Jeff Speck: Urban planner revisits ‘Walkable City,’ 10 years later

In an excerpt from the book’s new 10th anniversary edition, author and urban planner Jeff Speck looks at how the streets of US cities have changed.
Lolita Brayman: learning from the ancients
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Lolita Brayman: learning from the ancients

In his latest book, Elderflora, Jared Farmer chronicles a history of exploration and study, destruction and preservation that will keep humans and age-old trees intertwined for the long haul.