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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
biodiversity resilience
brazilian meatpacker jbs greenhouse driver
Credit: USAID Ethiopia/Flickr

Unlikely allies want to bar JBS, the Brazilian beef giant, from U.S. stock markets

Environmentalists and American meat producers alike are asking regulators to keep JBS, the world’s biggest meatpacker, off the New York Stock Exchange.
palm oil industry corruption

Indonesia permit payoff raises alarm about palm oil industry corruption

The ongoing trial of an Indonesian official accused of taking bribes from palm oil companies to expedite their permits has prompted calls for greater scrutiny into corruption in the sector.

Ohio energy bribery scheme

Former top Ohio lawmaker sentenced to 20 years in one of state’s largest scandals

Former Ohio House speaker Larry Householder was sentenced Thursday for his role in a $60 million bribery scheme.
illegal gold mining
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On the border of Colombia and Venezuela, illegal gold mining unites armed forces

On the border between Colombia and Venezuela, just a few kilometers from Colombia’s Guainía department, illegal mining shakes the region’s economy while devastating the environment. The absence of the government is obvious.

FirstEnergy Ohio bailout corruption

Corrupt Ohio utility bailout sprung out of fertile ground, recordings show

When FirstEnergy made huge contributions between 2017 and 2019 to get a giant bailout from the Ohio government, the deal was developed in a corrupt ecosystem, secret recordings and other evidence presented in federal court Wednesday showed.
FirstEnergy Ohio political corruption

FirstEnergy exec tried to keep DeWine aide's name off of $10M transaction

In October 2019, as a battle raged over an attempt to repeal a $1.3 billion utility bailout, a FirstEnergy executive worked to keep the name of a senior aide to Gov. Mike DeWine off of a $10 million infusion of corporate cash into the fight. 
Brazilian meat giant greenwashing "green bonds"

Brazilian meat giant under fire for allegedly misleading investors

JBS, the world's largest meat company, is accused of misleading investors about its multibillion-dollar "green bonds." The company disputes the allegations.