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Why a “fracking refugee” is attending the global plastics treaty negotiations
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
​Half of the world's plastic pollution can be traced back to 56 companies​
Houston's toxic petrochemical exports
Ecuador's abandoned oil mess

Abandoned oil mess still plagues communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon

The environmental damage caused more than half a century of oil activity in Ecuador’s Amazon are multiplying yearly without effective remediation by the government or the oil companies responsible.

ohio politics energy scandal

Ohioans keep paying for Republicans’ dirty energy scandal

Two Ohio politicians will be sentenced to potentially years in prison this week for their role in a scandal to prop up failing forms of energy. Somehow, Ohioans are still paying those bills.
Brazil states fight deforestation

Flush with corruption cash, Brazil states fight deforestation

A settlement with state-run oil firm Petrobras allows states to partially compensate for weakening environmental protections under President Bolsonaro.

Gabonese timber linked to illegal logging seized in Antwerp

Gabonese timber linked to illegal logging seized in Antwerp

Belgian authorities have blocked a shipment of tropical timber from Gabon after a tip-off by Greenpeace.