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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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King Charles to host reception ahead of COP27 - despite not going himself

King Charles - who has been a passionate campaigner on environmental issues for years - will host world leaders including PM Rishi Sunak (who pulled out of the conference last week) and US special envoy on climate change, John Kerry.
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What climate change and sea level rise will do to American cities

The space center in Houston surrounded by a moat; the famous beach in Santa Monica, Calif., completely submerged; a professional sports stadium in Washington, D.C., turned into a bathtub — these are just some of the of the startling images of the future in America's largest cities without action to limit climate change.

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Animal Rebellion paints Buckingham Palace fountain red

Animal rights activists linked to Extinction Rebellion have painted the fountain outside Buckingham Palace red, accusing the Queen of having "blood on her hands".

Lights go out around the world for 'Earth Hour' to highlight climate change

Lights go out around the world for 'Earth Hour' to highlight climate change

A record number of countries and territories participated in this year's event.