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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Burger King ends all-vegan London branch trial amid prediction trend will become norm

All fast food will eventually become vegan, a leading plant-based restaurateur has said, after Burger King trialled making one of its flagship restaurants completely meat-free.

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Warming trends: Best-smelling vegan burgers, the benefits of short buildings and better habitats for pollinators

Which brand of plant-based meat alternative best imitates the fatty aroma of cooked beef? A new study tested it out.

Frank Bruni: Is the burger nearing extinction?

Frank Bruni: Is the burger nearing extinction?

Meat has more competition — and less justification — than ever before.
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Adrienne Matei: Laugh if you want, but the 'McPlant' burger is a step to a greener world

When McDonald's announced its plan to launch a plant-based burger earlier this month, Twitter users were quick to mock the product's unimaginative name: the … McPlant.