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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Shaprio Pennsylvania carbon capture
fashion industry’s plastic waste
Australia bushfire
Image by Julie Clarke from Pixabay

Australia’s black summer bushfires ripped billions from the tourism industry. Is global warming making the cost of natural disasters worse?

The impact on businesses was widespread, even in areas relatively unaffected by the fires, study finds

Australia snow gum die-off
Credit: Ian Sanderson/Flickr

The trees disappearing from Australia’s forests

They are beloved trees in the Australian landscape, but snow gums face an existential threat.
kangaroo in a burned forest

Fire season in Australia starts early

Though experts do not think that this season will be the worst yet, they also warn that the past is no longer a reliable guide to the future.
australia bushfires climate

Firefighters battle blaze at Tara as climate change and El Niño risk threaten to fan fire season 'on steroids'

Experts are warning of an early and potentially disastrous fire season in Australia, as the threat of an El Niño looms and we're seeing "fires in places we've never had them before".
australia flooding climate insurance
Image by sandid from Pixabay

Extreme weather and rising premiums make parts of regional Australia ‘uninsurable’

Insurance costs for some properties have tripled despite never having been directly affected by natural disaster.

snowy mountains australia

Of moths and marsupials

The ancient relationship between the mountain pygmy possum and the bogong moth reveals the complexity of global climate change—and the lengths people may have to go to save some species from extinction.
australia bushfires climate drought

Australian bushfires set to return, NSW RFS warns

Australia could face its biggest grassfire threat in coming years as former emergency leaders warn the country is under-prepared.