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Starbucks develops coffee seeds that can withstand climate change effects

Starbucks recently announced that it has developed six new varieties of coffee seeds that can withstand the effects of climate change, which some experts say is “critical” for the future of coffee.

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​A more climate-resistant coffee rises in Africa ​

As global warming threatens the two main varieties, coffee growers in Uganda are betting on a type that can stand up to heat, drought and pests.
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Warning that coffee could disappear from shelves by 2050 due to climate change 

Fairtrade Ireland said coffee beans, cocoa and other foods grown in hotter climates could become rare and expensive treats within the next 30 years due to extreme weather events.

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Will wild coffee go extinct from climate change? Botanists say we can still save this crop

Climate change might drive wild coffee extinct, which would have broad impacts on the industry for the world's favorite drug.

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How climate change is affecting coffee production in Africa

Africa’s 25 coffee-producing countries are home to over 716 million people, and in some of those countries coffee is an important commodity in terms of both export earning. However, climate impact has over the last few years, burdened coffee production in the continent.

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Which drugs will survive climate change? We investigated

You might have to experience the end of the world sober, after all. That’s because climate change will unleash havoc on the world of drugs.