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As record California snowpack begins to thaw, flood worries deepen

As California’s historic snowfall gives way to the warmth of Spring, that snowpack will eventually melt, creating an even more historic risk for flooding in places woefully unprepared to handle it.
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Drought or no drought? California left pondering after record winter deluge

Severe storms may have filled reservoirs but in the Golden State, a dry spell is ‘always lurking in the background.'

California tunnel could save stormwater
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A California tunnel could save stormwater for millions. Why is it so divisive?

If the tunnel had been in place when the series of rainstorms battered California beginning in December, it could have saved 202,000 acre-feet of water, according to state water managers.
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Why it’s hard for California to store more water underground

Despite the storms that have deluged California this winter, the state remains dogged by drought. And one of the simplest solutions — collecting and storing rainfall — is far more complicated than it seems.

drought killing California forests
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More than 36 million trees died in California last year. Blame drought.

A new report found almost triple the number of trees died last year than the year before.
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When the state cut their water, these California users created a collaborative solution

In a potential beacon for other parched regions, a new program allowed users to share water.

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How California’s drought upended a powerful farming district

For years, Westlands Water District fought for endless supplies of water — until the water started running out.