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texas oil wells gushing water
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
deep-water oil terminal safety
NASA mission aims to freeze glaciers in place to prevent catastrophic sea-level rise
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Landowners' fury threatens pipeline projects

Complaints from landowners about safety and damage to their land have been a constant in the country’s pipeline fights. But they’ve typically taken a back seat to environmental groups’ concerns about climate change and companies’ promises of growth and jobs.

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CO2 pipelines: The new populist Republican target

Far-right leaders are often fans of pipelines crossing the country, but when it comes to ones carrying carbon dioxide — forget it.

Danielle Smith carbon capture
Alberta Newsroom/Flickr/ by Chris Schwarz/Government of Alberta

Danielle Smith’s carbon capture contradictions

The tech is a ‘boondoggle.’ Also, she’s a fan. Though lukewarm. It depends on who’s listening.
Summit carbon capture pipeline

Hearing opens for Summit carbon capture pipeline across Iowa

The Iowa Utilities Board rejects attempts to delay a permit hearing for a controversial carbon capture pipeline, citing cost, time for preparations.
Carbon pipeline company reveals first potential eminent domain requests
Iowa Utilities Board filing

Carbon pipeline company reveals first potential eminent domain requests

Summit Carbon Solutions filed a preliminary list of properties in four counties that might be subject to eminent domain.
ethanol carbon pipeline traverses eastern Iowa counties
Iowa Utilities Board

Third carbon pipeline would traverse several eastern Iowa counties

The proposed pipeline would connect to ethanol plants in Cedar Rapids and Clinton and span about 90 miles in five eastern Iowa counties.
Iowa pipeline opponents fighting eminent domain

Iowa pipeline opponents push for more restrictions on eminent domain

'This land is part of us. We've worked hard to make improvements," says a farmer fighting the pipelines.