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Can lab-grown pork help save the planet?

A company in New Jersey has created the first ever lab-grown pork, hoping to provide a lower-carbon food staple for billions of people around the world. But can it scale up? Here's what one factory is doing to get cell-based meat off the ground — and what it means for the planet.
3D printed lab-grown chicken

KFC will test 3D printed lab-grown chicken nuggets this fall

The 3D-printed chicken nuggets will mimic the taste and appearance of KFC's original chicken nuggets — at a fraction of the environmental cost.
Liz Marshall & Meat the Future

Are we ready to ‘Meat the Future’?

Liz Marshall describes the subject of her latest documentary as the ‘genesis phase of something that could change the world.’
Could synthetic fish be a better catch of the day?

Could synthetic fish be a better catch of the day?

Start-ups are growing fish "meat" in labs and say it will be competitive with fish from the sea.