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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Shaprio Pennsylvania carbon capture
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Unilever CEO sees crisis as new normal for industry

Unilever chief executive Alan Jope said on Tuesday that consumer goods companies should get used to the idea of "crisis being more or less the new normal" as they fight soaring inflation, climate change and a global food crisis.
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Al Gore: China could surprise the world at Glasgow climate talks

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore is hopeful China and the United States will set aside their differences at U.N. climate change talks in Glasgow, just as they came together in 2015 to help hammer out the Paris Agreement.
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PBF shares tumble on new N. California air pollution regulation

Shares of oil refiner PBF Energy Inc fell more than 10% on Northern California's new air pollution requirement that could possibly shut down the company's Martinez refinery in the state.

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Delta to spend $30 million to offset most of its 2020 impact on climate

Delta Air Lines said on Thursday it would spend more than $30 million to offset 13 million metric tons of carbon emissions over 10 months last year as part of its pledge to help combat climate change.
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Oil refineries shut as Texas energy industry reels from deep freeze

A deep freeze across Texas over the weekend took a toll on the energy industry in the largest U.S. crude-producing state, shutting oil refineries and forcing restrictions from natural gas pipeline operators.
Elon Musk to offer $100 million prize for 'best' carbon capture tech

Elon Musk to offer $100 million prize for 'best' carbon capture tech

Tesla Inc chief and billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk on Thursday took to Twitter to promise a $100 million prize for development of the "best" technology to capture carbon dioxide emissions.
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Volkswagen faces EU fine for missing 2020 emissions targets

Volkswagen faces a fine of more than 100 million euros ($121 million) for missing EU targets on carbon dioxide emissions from its 2020 passenger car fleet, the world's largest carmaker says.