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Pilot project for wireless EV charging launched on Indiana highway

Pilot project for wireless EV charging launched on Indiana highway

Indiana has launched a pioneering pilot project on U.S. Highway 52, testing wireless electric vehicle charging technology aimed at reducing range anxiety and supporting long-haul truck electrification.

Kristoffer Tigue reports for Inside Climate News.

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Electric vehicle sign
Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

Electric vehicle charging legislation is urgent in Wisconsin, with federal funds at stake

Wisconsin will lose out on millions of federal dollars for electric vehicle charging infrastructure if the state does not pass legislation to allow stores or other owners of EV chargers to bill drivers for the amount of electricity they get when they plug in.

tesla charging energy eklaka

What happened when a Tesla came to Ekalaka

A Los Angeles couple, an electric vehicle and an unattended utility outlet energized the gossip mill in the 400-person eastern Montana town last week.

climate energy battery charging ev
Photo by JUICE on Unsplash

Low-cost EV comes with extra batteries that plug into a regular outlet

To charge this new electric car from a Swiss startup, you don’t necessarily need to find an EV charger: The car comes with four extra batteries in the trunk that can plug into a regular outlet and give you an added boost of power.

climate energy massachusetts
Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

Mass. prepares to launch new EV rebates

New electric vehicle rebates are expected to become available in Massachusetts in early summer, some nine months after lawmakers passed a bill calling for the incentives’ immediate implementation.

Black Economic Council of Massachusetts

Black-owned businesses seek on-ramp to EV industry

The Black Economic Council of Massachusetts has held three events to highlight opportunities for Black-owned companies to grow their business by installing or servicing electric vehicle chargers, reselling equipment, and offering charging services.

climate energy electric vehicles
Photo by Cody Otto on Unsplash

What’s the future of gas stations in an EV world?

With fast-charging systems set to skyrocket, the places we now go to fill ‘er up are going to need to change.