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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Europe failing children on air pollution

Europe ‘failing its children’ on air pollution, EEA says

Dirty air causes premature death of at least 1,200 children across Europe every year, says European Environment Agency.

global water scarcity

UN warns of ‘draining humanity’s lifeblood’ amid worsening water scarcity

Secretary general urges countries to tackle ‘vampiric overconsumption’, water guzzling industries and climate crisis.

EPA Officials Visit Texas’ Barnett Shale

EPA officials visit Texas’ Barnett Shale, ground zero of the fracking boom

The agency’s regional administrator toured the area with the head of a local nonprofit, who complained that when “severe emissions” from gas wells and tanks make people sick, “there are no real remedies.”

Jill Biden East Africa drought

Jill Biden sees East Africa drought up close, seeks more aid

U.S. first lady Jill Biden got an up-close look Sunday at the historic East Africa drought as she walked along arid land and listened as some Maasai women described how their children and livestock are going hungry.

climate reparations in Malawi

How Scotland pays back for Malawi climate damage

Scotland is one of the first countries in the world to stump up cash for climate change "loss and damage" in poorer countries.
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Province of British Columbi

Environmental group pushing for electric school buses in city, province

Earlier this month, Ecology Ottawa released a report making the case for the change, raising the health and climate change implications of keeping the fleet running on fossil fuels.