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Australian climate deal

Australian climate deal struck after Labor and the Greens reach safeguard mechanism agreement

The federal government has secured the support it needs to implement its central climate change commitment, after securing a deal with the Greens after months of safeguard mechanism negotiations. 
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Chris Bowen reignites climate fight with savage one word statement after controversial Coalition decision

Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen has issued a savage one-word statement in response to the Coalition’s decision to vote against the climate safeguard reforms. “Hypocrites,” he wrote.

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Soaring power bills being used as cover for more lies about renewable energy, Labor claims

Climate minister Chris Bowen says opponents of climate action have seized on cost-of-living crisis to resume campaign against clean energy transition.

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Free carbon credits could threaten Australia’s emission reduction targets, Labor’s advisors warn

RepuTex says the safeguard mechanism could hand free credits to big industrial polluters and lock in fossil fuel production.

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Leading environment group says Labor must include ratchet mechanism in climate change bill

A key environment group has toughened its stance on Labor’s climate change legislation, endorsing calls from the Greens and crossbenchers for the Albanese government to add a ratchet mechanism to boost the 43% target over time.