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Image by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay

Can Clean Air Zones fix the UK's air pollution problem?

Even by its own more lax standards, the UK is not meeting its statutory obligations to limit harmful nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions in many local areas, though targets for other pollutants were met between 2010 and 2019.

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Councils clash over England's smallest clean air charge zone plan

If the clean air charging zone is approved in Ashbourne, it would see vehicles with higher emission levels pay to drive through the town centre, similar to six other zones in place elsewhere in England.

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Birmingham launches England’s first clean air zone outside London

Birmingham is to launch England's first clean air zone outside London to charge private cars, in a move hailed by campaigners as a major turning point for the former UK "motor city" that has been plagued by poor air quality for years.

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Leeds clean air zone: Taxi drivers ‘spent tens of thousands on new cars they did not need’, claims union

Taxi drivers and politicians in Leeds have hit back after the council revealed that it was putting plans to introduce the city’s long-awaited Clean Air Zone on hold, following the coronavirus outbreak.
Britain’s climate change future is Bristol

Britain’s climate change future is Bristol

This U.K. city is taking drastic climate change measures.