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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Supporters of battling climate change rally in Annapolis

Supporters of legislation to address climate change rallied in Maryland recently to speed up the state’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from 40% of 2006 levels to 60% in 18 years.

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Ray Mabus: Veterans crucial for climate action

Today, we have an opportunity to address the climate crisis while improving our national security and economic strength at the same time. The Veterans Energy Project is ready to make sure it gets done.

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The collapse of 'big steel' should be a warning for climate skeptics

Across the world, technology, and capital flows are converging on climate opportunities. These trends will restructure energy, agriculture, transportation, and infrastructure as well as most of the global economy over the next decade. America will not be exempt; the U.S. will either innovate and lead — or buy from other nations that do.

The White House's attack on scientists could manipulate public opinion

The White House's attack on scientists could manipulate public opinion

So much of what the Trump administration has done involves manipulating science to match political goals. In reality, Trump’s claim to “tell it like it is” is the greatest hoax of all.