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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Will COP28’s climate fund promises become a reality?

Money is a very big sticking point at this year’s United Nations climate summit. Part of the problem is that American promises often go unmet.
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'Money talks': Federal environment minister calls on businesses, banks to fight climate change

Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault says businesses and financial institutions around the world need to do more to fight climate change — and climate finance needs to be on the agenda for the next United Nations climate summit.
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Mafalda Duarte named as next chief of UN climate fund

The UN’s flagship climate fund has appointed one of the few women leaders in the multilateral climate finance space as its next executive director.

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Few signs that rich countries will help poor ones with climate fund

Three months after COP27, there are few signs the U.S. and others will step up to bankroll a much-hyped fund to help poor countries cope with climate change.