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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Where to find training, fellowships, and classes on climate journalism

Here are resources for aspiring journalists and working professionals who are ready to improve climate change literacy for themselves — and their audiences.
Climate reporting is just 'warming up' as the news publishing industry invests more in data, reporters and partnerships

Climate reporting is just 'warming up' as the news publishing industry invests more in data, reporters and partnerships

For early climate journalists, covering such a serious issue was a burden. Not many publications wanted to take on the task at hand; those who did narrowly covered a small amount of ground. Today, Dr. Edward Maibach, the director of Mason’s Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University, encourages this simple formula for success: “Clear messages repeated often by a variety of trusted and caring voices, including familiar TV weathercasters or local columnists.”
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Study finds climate change reporting can momentarily change minds

Accurate climate change reporting has the power to change minds if only for a moment, a new experimental study suggests. Gains were made regardless of political identity as the study demonstrated both Democrats and Republicans could be positively persuaded by accurate reporting.

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Getting personal about climate change made me a better reporter

In the same way that journalists ought to be comfortable denouncing systemic racism and pushing politicians to tackle homelessness, we need to get comfortable decrying the horrors of the climate crisis and demanding solutions.

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Our best climate stories of 2021

We are already seeing significant impacts from climate change across our food system. Our reporting focused on efforts to adapt to a changing climate and the difficult decisions that lay ahead.

The year in climate news
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The year in climate news

A lot happened this year. Jog your memory with stories compiled by The New York Times climate desk.