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permafrost melt orange rivers
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Big Oil bankrolling Trump
Heat waves threaten power grid stability with potential blackouts
science court public discourse
Credit: fortheloveofcc/Flickr

Debating science in a court setting may boost public trust

Holding science-based courtroom debates could help educate and engage citizens in shaping public policy.

Arik Shams, Leana King and Joy Liu write for Undark.

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greenhouse gas emissions reductions
Credit: Tuvalu Coastal Adaptation Project (TCAP)/UNDP Climate/Flickr

Small island nations secure major climate ruling

Island nations in the Pacific, Caribbean, and West Indies have won a landmark international legal victory, pressuring large governments to reduce carbon emissions.

Anita Hofschneider reports for Grist.

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Ayana Elizabeth Johnson climate optimism
Credit: TED Conference/Flickr

A leading marine biologist advocates for optimism in climate change discussions

Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, a prominent climate activist and marine biologist, emphasizes the importance of cautious optimism and collective action in addressing the climate crisis.

David Marchese reports for The New York Times.

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DeSantis & Florida climate denial
Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

DeSantis eliminates climate change from Florida's energy policy

Florida will no longer prioritize climate change in energy decisions, despite facing severe environmental threats, after Governor Ron DeSantis signed new legislation.

Anna Phillips reports for The Washington Post.

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Florida anti-climate legislation
Credit: 30AEATS/Flickr

Florida shifts focus from climate change to energy security in new legislation

Florida’s energy policy may exclude climate change considerations.

Amy Green reports for Inside Climate News.

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Vermont climate accountability legislation
Credit: The National Guard/Flickr

Vermont enacts climate accountability legislation

Vermont's new bill holds high-emission companies accountable for climate-related damages.

Maura Barrett and Lucas Thompson report for NBC News.

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Biden administration environmental justice
Credit: Karen Murphy/Flickr

The Biden administration's mixed record on environmental justice

In an interview with High Country News, Mark Magaña discusses the strides made by the America the Beautiful for All coalition in advancing environmental justice and conservation efforts, while emphasizing the need for continued progress.

Erin X. Wong reports for High Country News.

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