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Image by Niek Verlaan from Pixabay

Thousands of climate change activists hold boisterous protest march in Brussels with serious message

Thousands of people have marched through the center of Brussels in a boisterous rally highlighting the dangers of climate change, as the COP28 climate summit draws to an end in the United Arab Emirates.
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Extinction Rebellion protest at banks in Oxford and Reading

Extinction Rebellion has protested against banks for funding the use of fossil fuels.A group occupied Barclays in central Oxford on Wednesday by sitting in the foyer with a banner that said the bank "funds climate famine".

Harrisburg settles with ACLU over conditions for climate event

Harrisburg settles with ACLU over conditions for climate event

Better Path Coalition and the ACLU of Pennsylvania sued Harrisburg over what they say was a lack of transparent standards and fixed permit fees as the group tried to organize a climate action march in June.
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Thousands strike in France over climate change

Thousands of people across France protested on Saturday in the run-up to next month’s presidential election, calling for more attention to be paid to the climate crisis.

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Climate change rally ends at Biden’s Wilmington home

Occupy Biden’s mission is to increase pressure on the president to declare a climate emergency and end new fossil fuel projects.

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Activists demand Indonesian climate leadership during G20 presidency

Indonesia should use its year-long Group of 20 presidency to lead member countries in the delivery of their climate commitments, youth activists have said.