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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Many journalists covering climate crisis face threats and violence
Brazil's climate refugees face an uncertain future

Brazil's climate refugees face an uncertain future

Catastrophic flooding in southern Brazil has displaced hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom may never return to their homes.

Marina Dias and Terrence McCoy report for The Washington Post.

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How Bangladesh is supporting climate refugees

Bangladesh is one of the world's most climate vulnerable countries. But small steps, like building resilient homes and providing job opportunities, can make a huge difference.
Honduran refugees climate displacement

They fled climate chaos. Asylum rules made for war might not help.

“We need protection,” one migrant at the U.S. border said. But the legal system for refugees never envisioned the millions displaced by global warming.
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Climate change displacement: ‘One of the defining challenges’

As volatile weather patterns continue, some communities are being forced to move to survive.
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Global warming is bringing more change than just heat

Climate change is already affecting the world in powerful ways. But it could also drive mass migration and reshape societies as its consequences add up.
Senegal musician Maal named UN ambassador on desertification
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Senegal musician Maal named UN ambassador on desertification

Since 2003, Senegalese singer-songwriter Baaba Maal has been committed to various development challenges in Africa, working with different U.N. family organizations.

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Morgiane Noel: International law doesn’t protect people fleeing environmental disaster – here’s how it could

To protect climate migrants who were forced to leave their country, some legal scholars have proposed amending the definition of refugee in the Refugee Convention of 1951 to consider environmental degradation a form of persecution.