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permafrost melt orange rivers
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Big Oil bankrolling Trump
Heat waves threaten power grid stability with potential blackouts
toxic sludge UK rivers

Rivers are drowning in toxic sludge

Harmful algal blooms are taking over as the world warms and grows richer in carbon dioxide—and there’s no easy fix.
Antarctica marine ice-sheet behavior

Ending the debate: New research solves long-standing Antarctic climate change mystery

New research led by the University of Massachusetts Amherst definitively resolves a long-standing discrepancy in the geologic record that pitted studies of marine ice-sheet behavior against those that reconstructed past conditions on land.

Syukuro Manabe predicted climate change

The man who predicted climate change

In the nineteen-sixties, Syukuro Manabe drew a graph that foretold our world today—and what’s to come.
Rising CO2 affecting freshwater three times faster than saltwater

Rising CO2 affecting freshwater three times faster than saltwater

As carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere rise, more CO2 is absorbed into our oceans, making them more acidic. We know the problems this has caused in the saltwater environment. Now, rising CO2 levels are also affecting some freshwaters, too.