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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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silica dust regulations
Credit: Jan Truter/Flickr

US enhances mining safety with new silica dust regulations

New protections against hazardous mining dust aim to curb rising cases of severe lung diseases among miners.

Chris Hamby reports for The New York Times.

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coal mine remediation
Credit: timofeev/BigStock Photo ID:283509370

The true cost of cleaning British Columbia mines skyrockets

A recent analysis reveals that addressing the pollution from British Columbia's Elk Valley coal mines, specifically selenium contamination, may cost more than $6.4 billion, far exceeding earlier estimates.

Francesca Fionda and Ainslie Cruickshank report for The Narwhal.

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appeals court overturns coal lease ban
Credit: Kimon Berlin/Flickr

Federal appeals court overturns coal lease ban, affecting climate policy and energy production

A federal appeals court has lifted the moratorium on coal leasing from federal lands, potentially impacting future coal sales and climate change efforts.

Matthew Brown reports for The Associated Press.

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bighorn sheep protections & pathogens
Credit: Adam Baker/Flickr

This B.C. bighorn sheep herd’s fight for survival

Between a mysterious illness, dangerous weather and vanishing habitat, a herd of bighorn sheep almost disappeared from Tobacco Plains Indian Band’s backyard. To bring them back means returning the land to how it looked generations ago.

wyoming carbon capture mandate
Credit: Greg Goebel/Flickr

Wyoming’s coal mandate continues to cost electric customers

Black Hills Energy is the second utility in the state to impose a “carbon capture compliance” surcharge in an effort to keep coal plants from shuttering.
repurposing reclaiming coal mines
Credit: Greg Goebel/Flickr

Arch Resources, Campbell County look to repurpose coal facilities ahead of mine closures

Campbell County commissioners recently rezoned a portion of the Coal Creek Mine in an effort to attract new businesses to backfill expected job and revenue losses in the coal industry.
Wyoming coal future decline
Credit: Jerry Huddleston/Flickr

Uncertain times for Wyoming's coal industry

A brief resurgence, following Russian's invasion of Ukraine, seems to have played out and the future of Wyoming coal appears increasingly precarious.

Nicole Pollack reports for WyoFile.

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