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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Shell pauses Rotterdam biodiesel plant construction
Louisiana judge stalls Formosa plastics
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Louisiana judge vacates state air permits for $9.4B plastics complex in chemical corridor

A Louisiana district court judge on Wednesday vacated state air permits granted to a Taiwan-based company looking to construct a $9.4 billion plastics complex in St. James Parish, further stalling a controversial project that has faced backlash from some residents and environmental advocates.
climate impacts indigenous justice

Connecting cultural identity and climate change, Tulane's Indigenous Symposium returns

For Indigenous people across the Gulf South, maintaining their cultural identity in a homeplace that is rapidly changing — even disappearing — due to climate change are among the biggest challenges they face.

flooding climate impacts

What new flood insurance rates could mean for Louisiana

The National Flood Insurance Program is set to release new rates this fall, and it's likely to result in an increase in premiums for Louisiana homeowners. One study finds rates would need to quadruple for the program to stay afloat.

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So you've got climate anxiety. Here's what you can do with it

No matter where you fall on the eco-anxiety spectrum, on a scale from low-key stressed to lying up at night in a dread spiral, you could probably use some advice on doing something about it. Climate change can be scary, after all.

Study: Children's health will be affected by climate change throughout lives

Study: Children's health will be affected by climate change throughout lives

To talk more about the new study from the Lancet Countdown and what it means for the Gulf Coast, reporter Travis Lux spoke with Dr. Jeremy Hess. Hess is a professor of emergency medicine, environmental health, and global health at the University of Washington, and is one of the authors of the report.