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San Diego coastal marshes may become important tools to battle climate change

The plants in the salt marsh grow fast, sucking a lot of carbon dioxide out of the air and some of that carbon gets trapped as plants die and new ones grow over them. It makes the wetlands a carbon sink, as some researchers call it.

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This Houston nonprofit is paying coastal landowners to help fight climate change by storing CO2 in their marshes

Texas' coastal marshes absorb large quantities of climate-warming carbon dioxide. The Texas Coastal Exchange lets individuals and companies offset their carbon emissions by paying landowners to preserve these marshes.

Mending coastal marshes

Mending coastal marshes

Recycled plastic bottles get a new life as artificial islands on the Louisiana coastline.

Wetland mud is 'secret weapon' against climate change

Wetland mud is 'secret weapon' against climate change

Muddy, coastal marshes could store more carbon as sea levels rise, scientists reveal.