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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Atlantic storm surges increasing
Credit: Alison McKellar/Flickr

New England battered by fourth storm since December

An intense storm caused significant flooding along New England's coastline, marking the fourth such event since December.

Ian Livingston reports for The Washington Post.

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Louisiana's coastal wetlands drowning
Credit: Water Alternatives Photos/Flickr

Louisiana's coastal wetlands face critical threat from rising sea levels

A recent study highlights the perilous state of Louisiana's coastal wetlands, with a majority facing "drowning" due to unprecedented sea level rise, posing significant risks to the region's natural defenses and ecosystem.

Brady Dennis and Chris Mooney report for The Washington Post.

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land subsidence & sea level rise
Credit: Brent Penman/Flickr

The East Coast's slow descent into the ocean intensifies threats from sea level rise

A recent study highlights the increasing peril to coastal communities from land subsidence and sea level rise, exacerbated by groundwater depletion.

Mira Rojanasakul and Marco Hernandez report for The New York Times.

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Marshall Islands climate resilience
Credit: Erin Magee, DFAT/Sarah Boyd/Flickr

The Marshall Islands aren’t giving in to sea level rise

The precariously placed island nation has put together a comprehensive—if expensive—plan to survive sea level rise.
Louisiana proposed LNG export hub
Credit: brando/Flickr

Biden administration reportedly pauses approval of ‘carbon mega bomb’ gas export hub

Calcasieu Pass 2, positioned near the rapidly eroding Louisiana shoreline, would be the biggest such export terminal in the US.

Maine resilience climate priorities
Credit: Lisa Hicks/Flickr

Maine officials, climate council agree building resilience to extreme weather a top priority

Gov. Janet Mills called a special meeting of the climate council to discuss the coastal flooding and other devastation from the trio of recent storms.
florida keys climate impacts
Credit: Jack Parrott/Flickr

Craig Pittman: In the Florida Keys, a fight over adding more residents to evacuate

One hurricane can turn this island paradise into a dystopian nightmare.