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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
Hurricane Beryl highlights vulnerabilities in Houston's infrastructure
Trump denies knowing about Project 2025 crafted by his former officials
A climate-themed version of Catan sparks new conversations

A climate-themed version of Catan sparks new conversations

A new version of the popular board game Catan, called New Energies, aims to make discussing climate change more engaging by incorporating elements of renewable energy and fossil fuels.

Sachi Kitajima Mulkey reports for Grist.

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5 key climate change phrases, defined

Often, the highest-stake decisions impacting the planet come down to the simplest phrases.

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Workers needed to fulfill America’s infrastructure goals

Construction scenes in northern Michigan are being repeated across the Great Lakes region and throughout the country as public works begin to reap the benefits of a federal spending splurge to enhance the nation’s water, energy, communications, and transportation systems.

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What good is a web post in a power outage? Vermont asks utilities to improve communication

As climate change brings more wet and heavy snow storms to the region, state regulators are asking Vermont’s electric utilities to do a better job communicating with customers who are experiencing power outages.

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Climate Cafe creates space for climate change conversations

Hosted at a Lethbridge brewery, Climate Cafe wants to get people talking about climate change solutions on a personal and practical level. The organizers, Environment Lethbridge, say conversations like this are an important step toward community action.
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How to talk about climate action

When it comes to engaging others in climate action, avoid the traps of fatalism and fragmentation – and look for what we have in common.
James Broughel: A climate change message tailor-made for conservatives

James Broughel: A climate change message tailor-made for conservatives

Conservatives may finally be ready to get real about global warming and climate change, but it will require a more positive message from liberal environmental groups to get them on board with government solutions.