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Why a “fracking refugee” is attending the global plastics treaty negotiations
Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
​Half of the world's plastic pollution can be traced back to 56 companies​
Houston's toxic petrochemical exports
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‘Free’ employee parking is actually costing the climate and commuters

Many businesses pay for space in a garage or lot so employees can park near the office. But Allen Greenberg of the Federal Highway Administration says when employers provide free parking, it comes at a cost to the climate and other commuters.

Vince Bolduc climate housing

Vince Bolduc: To solve the housing and climate crises, we need a bigger map

If climate problems are made worse by sprawl and long commutes, then most new housing should be in, or close to, the urban core.

Can e-bikes go mainstream?
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Can e-bikes go mainstream?

VanMoof, the Dutch e-bike company taking inspiration from Apple and Tesla, is one of the world’s hottest brands in a bike market remade by the pandemic. Will it help reshape urban transportation?
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Bill McKibben: America’s car culture and the road not taken

Bill McKibben: America’s car culture and the road not taken

With its highways and suburbs, modern America was built around the automobile and powered by fossil fuels. The oil crises of the 1970s provided an opportunity to change course and move to renewable energy, but momentum proved to be very short-lived.

Rising gas prices have drivers asking, 'Is this for real?'

Rising gas prices have drivers asking, 'Is this for real?'

The average price of a gallon of gasoline is up more than 10 percent in the last week, leading some consumers to rethink their routines and spending.
Advanced Clean Truck Rule Oregon

Oregon weighs clean truck rules to cut diesel pollution

The rules would require manufacturers to reduce diesel pollution and sell more zero-emission vehicles.
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The best and worst cities to live without a car

Want to help the environment? Going carless is an excellent start.