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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
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Global hunger crisis deepens due to climate change and conflicts

The escalating global food crisis, fueled by climate change, extreme weather, and conflicts, is pushing millions into hunger and malnutrition, signaling an unprecedented challenge in global food security.

Abdulkareem Mojeed, Priscilla Misiekaba-Kia, Vitor Alexandre Araujo Prado dos Anjos report for Mongabay.

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Russia–Ukraine war leaves scientists struggling to investigate Arctic changes

The study of how climate change has affected the Arctic is being hampered due to missing data resulting from the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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Emissions from Israel’s war in Gaza have ‘immense’ effect on climate catastrophe

First months of conflict produced more planet-warming gases than 20 climate-vulnerable nations do in a year, study shows.

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Midwest weather experts want to talk about climate change, but they face pushback and threats

Meteorologists and climatologists often have a tough job explaining climate change to the public, especially in places where audiences may be more skeptical of the science. In the Midwest and Great Plains, strong resistance has pushed some out of the field.
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How the Israel-Hamas war imperils action against global warming

How the Israel-Hamas war imperils action against global warming

Oil prices could surge. Disagreements between nations could worsen. The conflict complicates already fragile global diplomacy ahead of crucial climate talks.
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Water migrants: Rising death toll in the Mediterranean

The number of deaths in the Mediterranean Sea in 2023 will soon surpass any year since 2015, the height of the Syrian refugee crisis.

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Leaders agree on G20 declaration, but it’s unlikely to drive change on Ukraine War and climate change

As the hosts of the G20 tried to steer discussions towards other issues, the Ukraine war still dominated, reinforcing the deep global divisions.