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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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Congo's community concerns over pollution amid oil expansion efforts

Congo's community concerns over pollution amid oil expansion efforts

Amidst the Congo's bid to augment oil drilling, local farmers grapple with the detrimental effects on their land and livelihoods.

Sam Mednick reports for Associated Press.

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EV battery plants mining
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U.S. plan calls for EV battery plants in Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia

Joe Davidson writes in the Washington Post about an agreement for EV battery plants that would help African nations process their raw materials instead of richer nations getting the benefits.

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Agroecology alliance calls for more food at less cost to nature in Congo Basin

A pan-African coalition of farmers, fishers and others meeting this week in the Democratic Republic of Congo will make the case for reorienting food production systems and agricultural policy across the Congo Basin.

africa forest biodiversity
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

As Africa loses forest, its small farmers are bringing back trees

The loss of forests across Africa has long been documented. But recent studies show that small farmers from Senegal to Ethiopia to Malawi are allowing trees to regenerate on their lands, resulting in improved crop yields, productive fruit harvests, and a boost for carbon storage.
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Rainforest nations seek easier access to UN carbon credit scheme

Countries that are home to rainforest and peatland vital to limiting climate change want easier access to sovereign carbon credits, a financial scheme to reward them for preserving their ecosystems, Congo Republic's environment minister says.

drc peat bog climate energy drilling

DRC dilemma: Generate oil wealth or combat climate change?

The Democratic Republic of Congo wants more money for climate projects. Otherwise, oil drilling could replace fishermen in the world's largest peat bog. And that could spell devastation for the environment.
DRC cop15 biodiversity

‘We didn’t accept it’: DRC minister laments forcing through of Cop15 deal

The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s environment minister has said her country has not agreed to a deal to halt the destruction of the Earth’s ecosystems, prompting behind-the-scenes diplomatic efforts to keep the agreement alive just hours after it was adopted.