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Virginia to drop California’s emissions rules by year’s end
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Oil refinery faces potential lawsuit from environmental groups over pollution breaches
New York's congestion pricing delay highlights American transportation challenges
Tory MPs fail to support climate issues since 2010, study shows

Tory MPs fail to support climate issues since 2010, study shows

No Conservative MPs have voted positively on climate issues since 2010, according to a VoteClimate study.

Fiona Harvey reports for The Guardian.

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How the US supreme court and an Idaho couple upended wetlands protection

Often dismissed as dismal wet bogs and rampantly cleared since European arrival in the US, the underappreciated importance of wetlands has been placed into sharp relief by a supreme court ruling that has plunged many of these ecosystems into new peril.

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Why is Britain retreating from global leadership on climate action?

While Britain has long been a leader in cutting emissions, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is now implementing a stunning reversal of climate-friendly policies, with new plans to “max out” oil production. Business leaders have joined environmentalists in condemning the moves.
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Texas fracking billionaire brothers fuel rightwing media with millions of dollars

Farris and Dan Wilks’ deep pockets fund climate denialism education, conservative politicians and pro-fossil fuel projects.

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Young conservatives see win in climate change question at GOP debate

Members of a group that mobilizes young conservatives cheer the chance to quiz Republican presidential candidates on climate change.
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Texas and others create 'punitive' barriers to EV transition

Electric vehicle drivers in Texas have started to get some bad news in the mail. Starting in September, they’ll have to pay the state an extra $200 each year to register their climate-friendly cars and trucks. And if they want to buy another EV, that will cost $400 upfront.

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Ditching net zero will cost us blue wall, Tory MPs tell Sunak

Rishi Sunak has been warned that any attempt to dilute net zero commitments on climate change could cost them crucial seats in the “blue wall” south of England.