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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
DeSantis & Florida climate denial
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The new-build ‘homes’ where energy scientists play God with the weather

Researchers hope a £16m temperature-controlled chamber can stress test green tech to help make houses energy efficient.

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‘Rebound effect’ cancels out home insulation’s impact on gas use

Conservatories and house extensions could be helping to wipe out the reductions in gas use secured by insulating homes, according to a study that found insulation only provides a short-term fall in energy consumption.

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UK households have cut energy consumption by 10%, say suppliers

Britons have cut their gas and electricity use by more than 10% since October in the first evidence of the impact of the energy crisis on household habits, according to two of Britain’s biggest suppliers.

Australia: ACCC begins ‘greenwashing’ crackdown on companies’ false environmental claims

Australia: ACCC begins ‘greenwashing’ crackdown on companies’ false environmental claims

Boss of competition regulator says scrutiny of climate claims, including over carbon credits, will be an enforcement priority.

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Want an electric car but fear the cost? Here’s how to flick the switch

While a growing number of motorists want to switch to an electric vehicle, many are also wondering if they can afford it.

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Can a government campaign persuade Britain to use less energy?

Government officials deliberating on whether to launch a public campaign to reduce energy usage this winter may want to avert their eyes from the reaction to last week’s heatwave advice.

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Passivhaus: How to insulate your home against soaring heating bills

Soaring gas prices have been making headlines but for some households heating bills are nowhere near reaching record highs. These are the residents of Passivhaus homes.