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Half of Texas drivers surveyed say COVID-19 lockdown offers chance to reassess road usage

With many people driving much less since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, more than half of Texas drivers think the lockdowns - which have resulted in less traffic and cleaner air with fewer cars on the road - present a prime opportunity to rethink how we use our roadways.

Your used mask needs to make it to the trash can

Your used mask needs to make it to the trash can

They’re on beaches, in parking lots and on sidewalks. You probably won’t catch the coronavirus from a discarded mask, but the litter poses a risk to the environment.
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'Carbon savings' from COVID-19 lockdown halve within weeks

The UK's carbon emissions have begun to rebound following the easing of Covid-19 lockdown measures, causing the "carbon savings" triggered by the coronavirus to halve within weeks.

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Greenhouse gas emissions plunged 17 percent during pandemic

But experts say emissions could quickly bounce back as social distancing ends and economies reopen.
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Air pollution returns to pre-lockdown levels in China after falling 40 percent

Air pollution in China dropped significantly during the worst of the country's coronavirus outbreak, falling far below normal levels before rising again as China's workers returned to their jobs.