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Amid LNG’s Gulf Coast expansion, community hopes to stand in its way
exxon houston petrochemicals
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What Covid and clear skies meant to drinking water for 300 million

Coronavirus lockdowns in South Asia reduced pollution that makes snow melt faster, which could help water supplies last longer this year.

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Covid cut gases that warm the globe but a drop in other pollution boosted regional temperatures

Efforts to slow the Covid-19 pandemic early last year by restricting travel and various forms of commerce pushed greenhouse gas emissions down, at least for a few months. But that didn't slow global warming.

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Most climate-friendly us cities: NYC ranks top for carbon-friendly transport

Working from home and the massive reduction in travel due to Covid-19 led to plummeting pollution across America last year, according to a new report.
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How the COVID-19 pandemic has made fighting the climate crisis harder

A report from the World Economic Forum states that countries cannot rely on the COVID-19-induced emissions reduction to alleviate adverse effects of climate change.

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US greenhouse gas emissions have plunged during COVID-19 pandemic

As a year, 2020 conjures up many negative associations. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, record-breaking natural disasters and civil unrest are just some of the events that come to mind.

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Covid took a bite from U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in 2020

Emissions plunged more than 10 percent. If the trend can be sustained, it would put the United States within striking distance of one of its major goals under the Paris climate agreement.
Germany achieves its 2020 climate targets

The coronavirus effect: Germany achieves its 2020 climate targets

With coal power collapsing, air travel down and green power accounting for 50% of the national grid, Germany hit its 2020 climate targets. But that trend could easily be reversed.