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cruise ship pollution

‘A good cruise is one that doesn’t come’: Europe’s ports bear brunt of ship pollution

As health and environmental impact of cruise ships becomes clearer, Mediterranean ports consider bans and restrictions.

cruise ship pollution emissions climate
Photo by Kellie Klumb on Unsplash

Cruise ships in Europe pumped out more harmful gases than 1 billion cars last year, report shows

Cruise ships were responsible for more than four times the sulphuric emissions into Europe’s atmosphere than all of the continent’s car last year, according to a new report.

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Cruises are an environmental disaster

Carnival Cruise Line and other top cruise ship companies have been breaking records for ticket sales this year. But a water-bound vacation isn’t just a concern for infectious disease—these ships are having a massive effect on the climate.

cruise ship emissions climate environment
Photo by Adam Gonzales on Unsplash

A single cruise ship emits as much CO2 as 12,000 cars, study says

A new report highlights the strong environmental impacts generated by tourist cruises, floating cities brimming with travelers that move from one point to another on the planet.